Moving Air Packages into Poland has become challenging, and we continue to monitor the situation.

Currently, we are still providing Air and Ocean Service***, and we now offer a faster and more reliable PL Super Express option to Poland.

We will continue to monitor the impact of COVID-19 on international shipping and will keep you informed as things change. Please check back often.

UPDATE April 2020 ***Please be prepared for possibility of minor delays in the air service .

Due to closed borders delivery to areas of below countries is suspended till further notice * :

Czech Republic
France (Paris area)

*Parcels are safely stored in our warehouse till borders are open.

Austria – All stored parcels were released and soon will be delivered.
Italy – All stored parcels were released and soon will be delivered.

Thank you

4/7 - Service Alert: Coronavirus (COVID-19)

For those of you who want to track their parcels we have created a new tracking system for your convenience. The new system will give you ability to follow the route of your parcel.

To track your parcel please enter the WHOLE label number

Parcels that use our new system have the following numbers in example: POL031 MP 009843. To find a given parcel please enter your whole label number POL031MP009843 below.

For parcels using our old system please enter the full number from the customs form. For example: M 2521234. Please follow the same directions and enter your entire number M2521234 in the field below.

* Required fields

Your parcel was not found. Did you enter correct number ?


Please enter recipients zip code.


Find Clear

Below you can find point-by-point tracking details of your parcel, from the moment you drop it off in one of our locations to the exact day and time of delivery.

Notice: The track and confirm option is available only for parcels sent from the selected locations that use our new system. Please check with your local Authorized Shipping Outlet to make sure this option is available, or when it will be available for your convenience.

The status of the parcels sent from locations that do not offer the new tracking options, can be checked only after it will reach our main storage facility in Linden, NJ.

Date Location Status

* about 3 weeks